Meet Candice Montie

Candice Montie earned her Bachelor degree of Business Administration in Human Resources. She has been in the financial arena since 1990 and it includes Accounting, mortgages, banking/investing.

She specializes in finding niche products for her client’s personal needs. She assists her clients with protection products, growth products, and tax efficient products. She has provided services to individuals, families, companies, Professional - Business Owners, Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers, and farmers.

She has 5 children from a beautiful blended marriage. She became a widow at age 35.She has one grandson and another grandchild on the way.

She is an Author of Gaining Control for Your Success..Things no one tells you! She has also created a workable goal setting financial calendar to help motivate you for financial success.

She feels so many people grow up, or go through loss or a divorce and have no clue what to do. The most important thing to have, is your financial house in order.